Home of Hope Equestrian program

Riding with Hope

Empowering people with disabilities through Equine Assisted Services. Our hope is to allow our clients to experience growth in social, behavioral, and psychological aspects of life. 

Getting Involved

Caring for the Herd

Your sponsorship is very important in supporting the backbone of our program
– our horses.

Sponsor a Horse

Caring for our herd, currently of nine horses, is a significant part of our program budget.  On average, it costs approximately $2,000/horse each year to provide each of our horses with food, bedding, dental, veterinary, farrier, tack, and blankets.  In addition to the costs to keep them fed and healthy, there is also the cost of the hours required to exercise, groom, and care for the herd.   

MakING a Donation

Riding with Hope participants receive the highest quality therapeutic and adaptive riding experiences available.  Our horses are a vital part of these experiences.  Our horses receive the highest level of care from our staff, veterinarians, and trained volunteers.  We believe that if our horses are healthy and happy they will provide the best service they can to help us achieve our mission.

Meet Our Herd

Home of Hope Riding with Hope Equine Therapy


  • 15 hh Sorrel Quarter Horse gelding with a flaxen mane and tail born in 1999
  • Loves ATTENTION and enjoys being with Homer
Home of Hope Riding with Hope Equine Therapy


  • 13.3 hh Grulla Fjord gelding born in 2003.
  • Loves to nibble on everything and people refer to him as a big teddy bear.
Home of Hope Riding with Hope Equine Therapy


  • 14.2 hh Sorrel Quarter Horse gelding born in 2006.
  • Loves to be independent and show his riders how to excel in their riding 
  • Rescued from On the Right Trail Horse Rescue 
Home of Hope Riding with Hope Equine Therapy


  • 13.2 hh Sorrel Quarter Horse gelding born in 2004
  • loves adventures and trail rides, knows when it is time to work, WILL DO anything you ask of him
  • Purchased from Tina Gay
Liver Chestnut Halflinger/Quarter Horse cross gelding


  • 14 hh Liver Chestnut Quarter Horse and Paso Fino cross gelding born in 2004
  • loves adventures and trail rides, has more whoa than go, loves the little riders due to back pain
  • Purchased from Roy Ingle
Liver Chestnut Halflinger/Quarter Horse cross gelding


  • 15 hh Brown and White Paint/Thoroughbred cross gelding with two blue eyes born in 2001
  • will do anything once he gains your trust, teaches patience, enjoys being with Shotgun 
  • Purchased from Travis Lewis  
Liver Chestnut Halflinger/Quarter Horse cross gelding


  • 15.1 hh Palomino Missouri Foxtrotter gelding born in 2008.
  • very easy going, loves treat and attention
  • Donated from John and Ginger Gay 
Liver Chestnut Halflinger/Quarter Horse cross gelding


  • Blue roan miniature horse born in 2015
  • loves adventures, very curious, likes to play with zippers and hats
  • Rescued and donated by Marja Willis
Home of Hope Riding with Hope Equine Therapy


  • 14.2 hh Brown and white Paint mare born in 2006
  • ON TRIAL Learning patience and how to mingle with other horses
  • Donated from Mia Johnston
Home of Hope Riding with Hope Equine Therapy


  • Flea Bitten Grey Shetland Mare born in 2013
  • Loves to stand and be groomed
  • Donated from Heather Knepp
What we do

Our Services

therapeutic riding

We offer riding lessons (private 1 hour and group 30 min) to those with disabilities. 

private Horseback riding lessons

We offer private 1 hour riding lessons to those in the community and surrounding areas.

Equine Assisted activities

This includes grooming, leading, and learning about horses without riding.

Summer Camp

3 day weekly Summer camp for ages 7-12 during the months of June and July to learn and interact with horses.


Volunteer’s provide valuable assistance leading horses, walking beside riders, and also in the care of the horses. 

Legacy of HOpe

Legacy gifts to Home of Hope can be designated for any purpose that fits the passion and interests of the donor.  For information on how a donation today or a planned gift in the future can ensure that Home of Hope’s equine program continues well into the future, contact Ralph Richardson or call 918-256-7825, ext. 1010. 

PATH International Theraputic Horsemanship


We are a center member through PATH INTL (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International).

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Riding with Hope provides Equine Assisted Services that contribute positively to the cognitive, physical, emotional, and social well-being of individuals with disabilities. Our mission is to empower the people with developmental and intellectual disabilities as they make progress in their daily lives and believe in themselves.

Get Involved

Volunteers provide valuable assistance leading horses, walking beside some riders, and helping groom, saddle, and feed the horses. Weekday riding sessions are held in the mornings and late afternoon/early evening making it convenient to volunteer anytime during the day. If you need volunteer hours, need something to do with your evenings, miss being around horses, or just want to make a difference in someone’s life, we would be glad to talk to you about volunteering. 

Upcoming Events

All about horses summer camp

Every week in June and July 2024

email equine@homeofhope.com for more information!

Clients Fun day

October 28th, 2023

Spring Sessions begin

March 4th, 2024

Fall Sessions begin

August 5th, 2024


Equine Program Coordinator

Kallie Westbrook is our Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor through PATH Intl. and oversees every aspect of our equine program from sessions to horse care. She obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Agribusiness with a minor in Animal Science from Oklahoma State University.


Dr. Tina Bass from Vinita Vet Center takes pride in caring for our herd


Tanner Nolan comes every 6-8 weeks to keep our horses hooves healthy

Equine Program Assistant

Brooklyn Carrier serves as an assistant to our Program coordinator. She helps with horse care, getting horses and riders ready for sessions, and maintenance around the barn/arena.